Four Easy Ways to Get Involved

Wow! What happened the last few months? Our country is in a whirlwind. The economy is deteriorating by the second. People are losing jobs. At the same time, we voted to elect the first African American president of the United States.

We are nervous about what is ahead of us but do not give up hope. We are in the midst of major change.

It is also a time of great interest and concern in the future of our country and world. The youth of America, who voted in record numbers, are taking an active role in the social issues of our times. Considering recent events, it is only appropriate to address a topic that will receive more attention in the near future.

Social Entrepreneurship and the School: Four Easy Ways to Get Involved. Know and understand this area of education because the times they are a changing. Get involved!

Social Entrepreneurship and the School: Four Easy Ways to Get Involved

#1: Understand social entrepreneurship. Do you know the definition of social entrepreneurship and the role of a social entrepreneur?

#2: Become friends with the social entrepreneurship world. Visit websites to hear about social issues, increase awareness, and connect with others.

#3: Learn about entrepreneurship programs for secondary students. Are you familiar with SAGE or BizWorld? Every day there are more educational programs for secondary students that are integrating the essential skills of social entrepreneurship.

#4: Model positive practices. Involve students of all ages. The green initiative is a good example. Climate changes, energy concerns, and environmental issues have encouraged schools to “go green.” Districts are modeling practices that increase student awareness. Classrooms are incorporating curriculum and activities and, in the process, creating future social entrepreneurs.