Do You Have a Touch of Social Entrepreneurship in You?

What do you think is the motive behind every business organisation or the people who run the show? Is it purely restricted to making profits or is there something more to it? Well, at once people will start talking about profit maximisation, wealth maximisation, retaining the market share, protecting the stake holders’ interest and so on. But after a point, business persons need to look at larger problems that affects the society, from which they derive their benefits. Is it not the moral responsibility of a businessman to improve and better the prospects of his fellow beings by shelling out a slice of his profit or think of creating new job opportunities for communities that have low economic standards.

Let us detour “Everwin Corporation”, the multi billion dollar company to understand and appreciate the business model evolved by its Chairman Mr. C, that has helped hundreds of poor workers earn their daily bread and butter. First I have to shed some light on Mr. C’s management ability and lateral thinking, that has brought about a significant difference in the lives of people, not only below the poverty line, but also in the lives of criminals and suspects who are generally treated unkindly by the society at large. His master plan was to create new solutions for these people, through small business ventures, which would be an outlet to their creativity. So the products would not only exhibit creativity but also humanity.

His idea was a major success, but to the envy of his competitors. Mister Dumpy, his CEO cum brother-in-law was terrified at the very idea of taking in ex-criminals into the corporation for work and he would always bypass the HP SECTION(Humanity Products, as it was called aptly), en route to the office. Man, you should look at his face, he acts funny when he getsscared. Though initially the same kind of reaction poured from all corners of the corporation, slowly the team began to appreciate the strong will with which the workers of the humanity products section progressed and the outcome was fantabulous. The products had such a finesse that they are contemplating about export opportunities now.

Each entrepreneur has his own idea about the society, but very few bring about the much needed transformations, which is just a “spark of their mind”. Mr. C, was one such social entrepreneur who acted as a change agent and implemented social reforms through business opportunities on a large sale. Titan, our young executive of Everwin Corporation is very happy and pleased, that he is working for Mr. C, and the chairman often takes him into confidence, when it comes to important decision making. He is truly inspired by his boss, which is truly a motivation factor for him to work with more enthusiasm and zeal.

Mr. C has truly been a visionary, a philanthropist, a man of balanced perspectives, always on the look out for new business opportunities, an institute by himself, providing direction to the firm by employing strategic changes and above all, a man spruced up with compassion and consideration. Naturally the workers under his guidance were empowered and the real edge that Mr. C, had over his competitors was the self charged work force that he possessed.